Make Money with YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts has emerged as a significant success story for both YouTube and its content creators, amassing over 5 trillion views and garnering substantial investment from YouTube for its future. While Shorts have proven to be a lucrative source of additional views and engagement for many creators, there has been some confusion regarding revenue generation from this feature.

Monetizing YouTube Shorts can be achieved through various means, such as brand deals. However, the two most straightforward methods involve leveraging the YouTube Partner Program and YouTube’s proprietary Shorts Fund. Let’s delve into Ad revenue first.

YouTube Shorts and Google Adsense Revenue

For creators enrolled in the YouTube Partner Program with a monetized channel, earning income from Shorts content is possible in addition to any bonus payouts. It’s essential to recognize two distinct types of YouTube Shorts:

  1. Shorts created using the Shorts camera, limited to 15 seconds and available to creators in over 100 countries.
  2. Vertical videos up to 60 seconds long that incorporate the hashtag #Shorts in the title or description.

Notably, 15-second Shorts created with the Shorts camera do not generate Adsense revenue. Conversely, longer-length Shorts identified by the hashtag #Shorts have the potential to yield ad share revenue since regular YouTube videos can display ads. Regarding in-stream video ads, YouTube acknowledges they may be less likely on very short videos, contributing to improved viewer engagement and retention.

YouTube Shorts $100M Fund: Get Paid to be Creative

For creators who have not qualified for monetization or have been utilizing the Shorts camera with its 15-second limitation, an alternative avenue for financial benefit exists. In May 2021, YouTube introduced a $100 Million Fund for Shorts creators. The platform commits to selecting thousands of eligible creators monthly, allowing them to apply for payment from the fund, even if they aren’t part of the YouTube Partner Program.

If a creator meets YouTube’s criteria and is selected, they stand to earn between $100 to $10,000 monthly from the fund. This is particularly advantageous for those excelling in very short-form content. Eligibility is contingent on factors like Shorts performance, location, adherence to community guidelines, and having an active Google AdSense account linked to receive bonus payments.

Are You Eligible for a Shorts Fund Payout?

Eligibility is based on a channel’s Shorts performance in the preceding month, with additional requirements including location, age, adherence to community guidelines and monetization policies, recent Short uploads, and acceptance of program terms. Viewership and engagement metrics from the previous month determine the bonus payment, adjusted based on a channel’s total Shorts performance and audience location.

Performance thresholds for bonus qualification may vary among creators and change monthly. Creators are encouraged to consistently produce original and engaging Shorts content, avoiding re-uploads from third-party platforms to enhance their chances of receiving fund invitations from YouTube.

In conclusion, by creating compelling and original Shorts content, creators not only open doors to bonus payouts from the Shorts Fund but also position themselves to maximize earnings independently of advertiser and brand support. Given YouTube’s expanding array of monetization opportunities, embracing Shorts has become essential for creators aiming to optimize their revenue potential.

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