Netflix Service Disrupted: Users Encounter Network Connection Errors on Connected TV Devices

On Monday, a significant number of Netflix subscribers faced difficulties accessing the streaming service through connected TV devices, reporting issues related to network connectivity.

Around 5:52 p.m. ET, the number of error reports for Netflix surged on Downdetector, an internet monitoring service. By 6:22 p.m. ET, Downdetector recorded over 17,000 error reports for Netflix.

Users expressed the problem on various platforms, with one individual describing the issue on X, stating, “When attempting to play content, the device, such as a TV, falsely perceives a lack of internet connection. This prompts users to conduct an internet speed test, and despite passing, the issue persists, prompting users to restart their routers, and so on.”

In response to the situation, a Netflix representative issued a statement to Variety, saying, “We sincerely apologize for the unexpected technical issues some of our members are currently facing with Netflix. Our engineers are diligently working to resolve this matter promptly, and we will provide updates as progress is made.”

The extent of the Netflix playback issues remains unclear, but reports of problems emerged from users in multiple countries. The cause of the disruptions is currently unknown.

Social media posts from Netflix users revealed that the app seemed to be stuck in a cycle, repeatedly checking the network connection and verifying the user’s broadband speed. Based on the error codes shared by users, Netflix’s help center suggests solutions such as restarting the device or attempting to log out and then sign in again.

Like any online service, Netflix experiences occasional technical glitches. Earlier this year, the platform faced significant delays during the livestream of the reunion for the popular dating show “Love Is Blind,” attributing the issue to a bug in its system.

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